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What is Papawalker

PAPAWALKER originated from the meaning of “Pa Pa Zhao”, but with the addition of a “person” feature, backpackers in Taiwan are called “walkers”, that is, as long as backpackers in Taipei are called TaipeiWalker, this Let us choose to form a Papa Walker.

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Papawalker . Origin

In 2014, we found there was a mixed rice restaurant that we often visited, their dishes were delicious but we saw him always throw away the unsold dishes everyday. One day, the owner told us that he will moved out when the lease contact was expired. At the time, we tried to convince him to stay and we would tried to help him to promote their dishes. Therefore, many customers visited the restaurant within one week. Hence, I would like to help merchant to increase their exposure rate.

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Through an effective publicity methods, merchant exposure can be increased quickly.


Helping merchant to establish their professional image to public.


Gather professional merchants from various fields to create the posibility of cooperation in various fields for merchants.

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