Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the youngest billionaire in the world, personally made these 26 PPTs in order to improve the efficiency of employees.

1. Time is always there, time is priority.

2. There will always be time: only 4-5 hours of real work are planned every day.

3. When you are in the state, do more; otherwise, take a good rest: sometimes it will not be working for a few days, sometimes you can be busy every day while working 12 Hours, this is normal.

4. Value your time and make it worth paying attention to: your time is worth $ 1,000 / hour, and you have to move.

5. Don’t multitask, it will only consume attention; stay focused and use one heart and one mind.

6. Develop work habits and persevere, your body will adapt.

7. In a limited time, we are always very focused and efficient.

8. The best way to get to work is to work. Start with small tasks and let the work run.

9. Iterative work, looking forward to the perfect closing is suffocating: “After finishing things, it is better than the perfect closing” Proverbs posted on the wall of Facebook office. Doing it yourself is better than any perfect imagination.

10. The longer the working time, the higher the efficiency.

11. Work according to importance and improve efficiency.

12. Arrange the meeting as soon as possible. Time spent preparing for the meeting is often wasted.

13. Combine meetings and communication (email or phone) to create uninterrupted working hours:

A small meeting will also ruin an afternoon because it will tear the afternoon into two A small period of time, so that nothing can be done. PS: When you see a programmer thinking hard, do n’t bother to go in the past, even a greeting is superfluous.

14. Maintain the same working environment throughout the day. Switching between projects / customers will be inefficient.

15. Work-relax-work = efficient (tomato work method)

The Pomodoro Technique is a more micro-time management method created by Francisco Cirillo in 1992 than GTD.

Using the Pomodoro Technique, select a task to be completed, set the Pomodoro Time to 25 minutes, concentrate on your work, and do not allow you to do anything irrelevant to the task, until the Pomodoro clock sounds, then draw an X on the paper and take a short break (Only 5 minutes is enough), take a break every 4 Pomodoros.

16. Divide unrealistic tasks into reasonable small tasks. As long as you complete small tasks every day, you will get closer and closer to that big goal.

17. There has never been two tasks with the same priority, there will always be a more important one, carefully consider the to-do list.

18. It must be clear what that must be done during the day and what. “Only ever work on the thing that will have the biggest impact” Only to do the thing that has the biggest impact. -Jason Cohen

19. By segmenting the task by time, you can feel that it is almost done.

20. Authorize and use the power of others. -Gentlemen are good at things (people), if someone else can achieve 80% of something, then do it for him!

21. Turn over yesterday and only consider today and tomorrow. Yesterday’s home run won’t win today’s game. -Heroes don’t mention the bravery of those days.

22. Set a deadline for everything. Don’t let the work go on indefinitely.

23. For time-critical or stressful tasks, set the end time so that everything can be ended.

24. Take more notes and take more notes.

25. After entering the high-efficiency state, make a note of anything that distracts you, such as: Google search terms, bright ideas, new ideas, etc. If you write them down, it won’t jump around again.

26. Take a break, take a break ~

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Zuckerberg’s 26 PPTs for employees to learn to work efficiently

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the youngest billionaire in the world, personally made these 26 PPTs in ...

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